Dutch Cheese

Are you looking for true Dutch cheese? Then you need to visit the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store. With three different stores in the centre of Amsterdam, there is always one close when you visit the capital of The Netherlands.

What is true Dutch Cheese?

If you ask a Dutchie what Dutch cheese is, you will always get different answers. One will say it is a mild cheese, something like Gouda Cheese, and other people will say the Old Amsterdam Cheese (the cheese with the black crust) is the one and only typical Dutch Cheese. The Old Amsterdam Cheese Store isn’t just a place where they sell cheese. It is a family company that was inspired by the Golden Century.

Want to taste Dutch Cheese?

Do you want to experience and taste the typical taste of Dutch cheese? Then make sure to serve a sport at the Cheese Tasting at the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store on Damrak in Amsterdam. During this cheese tasting you will taste 5 different cheeses combined with suiting wines. These wines are picked out by a sommelier. At the tasting you will learn everything you want to know about how Dutch cheese is made, but also about the Old Amsterdam Cheese family. There is an interactive quiz and the winner will get a nice present to bring home. Curious? Reserve your spot at the cheese tasting.

So, do you want to taste the typical Dutch Cheese? Make sure to visit the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store at the centre of Amsterdam or online.

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